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Don't forget to sign :-)


The votes are in and the card has been created. I have created it via the Groupcard application on Facebook :-) Here is the link via Facebook:

To sign it via the GroupCard website (if you feel more comfy with that or you don't have FB), go here:

Regardless on what link you use, it will appear on both links. Having been the first to sign it, I tried it and it works so don’t worry.

Pass on both links to as many people as you can. The card will sent at 12 midnight on 5th June (GMT) :-)

Make the messages, sweet and happy (but don't try to conquer the page with a long message LOL)

We got over 220 signatures on the last card in just two days. Let’s see how many can pop up in a month LOL


PS Someone is planning on sending me drawings to send onto Liam for his birthday. If you wish to do the same, please contact me :-)

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