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New Liam Facebook page and a chance to vote on birthday card design :-)


First of all, the major Liam Neeson Facebook page was deleted because someone reported the page. It is a bit hypocritical for a lot of celeb FB pages are created by fans. Anyway I have created a new one so if you have a Facebook account, you can become a fan here:

Now some of you may remember last month when I created a multi-signed fan sympathy card for Liam. In 2 days, the card had over 200 signatures and I have been given permission to send him a birthday card. I was looking through the cover designs and can’t decide. I wanted one that was cute or funny but didn’t want one that mocked his age or was offensive, especially since he lost Natasha recently.

Anyway I’m asking fans to vote. The 11 designs I’m stuck on can be found here;

You can either post a comment on the picture you like if you can do that on my album so you can reply to the link I posted on the Liam Neeson fan page or you can reply to this post stating any number (1 to 11).

Please note with choices 1-4, it's an "insert your own photo" card and if one of these is finally chosen, a photo/drawing of Liam will be inserted so ignore the black background :-)

You have until 30th April to vote :-) And pass on this lick as the more votes we get in, the more the cover can be chosen by the fans.


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