Fred Rogers (buff_iroh) wrote in liamneeson,
Fred Rogers

Bathtub Liam!

Sorry for x-posting, but I had to show these pics off!

Have you guys seen this movie? I just watched it today and I *HAD* to post some screens.

From the movie "The Big Man" (a.k.a "Crossing The Line" (USA title) )

Image Warnings: some nudity and sex (ENJOY!)

Click to enlarge images


Gif made by elthegeneral THANKS MAN

Seriously, rent this movie or buy it online. This was only ONE of the hot scenes, this whole movie is full of sexy Liam stuff.
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I love how much he has to hunch over to kiss her. :D Chick needs a couple of phone books. :D

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Tall man are sexy arent they? lol
Definitely! :D Of course, I'm 5'11" myself, so I have a particular appreciation for unusually tall men. [wry smile]

Angie, who needs to make more Liam icons
Im 5 foot 4 so he would tower over me


I lvoe tall men too...Liam, Christopher Eccleston, David Thewlis (drools)
Eric Bana, Paul Walker, Jason Momoa.... :D

I prefer my guys made in Britian lol
[eyeroll] Fine, more for me. :D

I just think British mena re sex

I mean Christian Bale in American Psycho- *thud*
Of course Christian's hot. But there are a lot of British actors who aren't hot, and a lot of non-British actors who are. I can't see any point in limiting myself to only some fraction of the hotness, you know? If you want to limit yourself, though, I'll be happy to take up the slack for you. :D

ah true...Johnny Viggo Mortensen..... hmmmmm...... I'm trying my best here......nope not many I would fantasise with lol

Im not limiting myself....I just have unique tastes...If I fancied a non-Brit, fair enough. No wait I do fancy a few non-Brits...Gabriel Byrne and Cillian Murphy who were born in the REPUBLIC of Ireland which is outside Great Britian (as Liam was born in Northern Ireland, he's British)

Come to think of it, there must be more non-Brits I fancy...Let me get back to you on that lol
Aside from the ones I've already listed, there's Hugh Jackman, Oded Fehr, Wesley Snipes (I've heard he's a jerk, but we're talking about hot ;) ), Karl Urban, Marton Csokas, Vin Diesel (not classically handsome, but when you watch him he's got charisma oozing out his pores). I mean, you're into whoever you're into; I just never thought of drawing the boundary around a certain country of birth before. Leaves out way too much hotness. :)

Oh god how could I forget Hugh Jackman (drooooools)

Oded Fehr- wasnt he in The Mummy? If he is who I hink he is then he is HOT!!##Marton Csokas- not bad looking but not sexy to my eyes.

I woudlnt draw the boundary either; I just feel most of the guys I fantasise about tend to be Brits. Dont ask me why lol


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thank U for the pics & animation!!

*love* LIAM *love*
Youre welcome!!! Enjoy!