June 3rd, 2009

eric bill sookie true blood

24 hours left to sign the birthday card :-)


You have only got less than 24 hours to sign the birthday card which WILL be sent to his publicist and which Liam will hopefully get to look at.

Here is the link via Facebook:


To sign it via the GroupCard website (if you feel more comfy with that or you don't have FB), go here:


Regardless on what link you use, it will appear on both links. Having been the first to sign it, I tried it and it works so don’t worry.

Pass on both links to as many people as you can. The card will sent at 12 midnight on 5th June (GMT) :-) This is so it can get to his publicist early so hopefully he will get to see the card on time rather than late (His birthday is 7th June)

Make the messages, sweet and happy (but don't try to conquer the page with a long message LOL)

We got over 220 signatures on the last card in just two days. Let’s see how many can pop up here LOL

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