August 30th, 2008

Hello, I'm new. :)

I’m new to this community, so here’s a bit about me...

I’m almost nineteen and a homeschooled highschool senior from Indiana. My main interests are film, writing, dance, art, music, history, archery, yoga, pilates, and green-living. I was first introduced to Mr. Neeson when I watched the Star Wars prequels in 2007. The tall, quiet, yet dynamic Jedi caught my attention. Since then, I’ve started down the path of being a dedicated fan of his acting and films. The list of those I’ve seen so far is short, but I’m currently working to correct that. ;)

Some Offerings:

With *real* acting, *true* acting, there's nothing to hide behind...Collapse )

Please comment, and credit, if taking. Thanks.

A Request:
I just saw Batman Begins for the first time this last week, and was immediately intrigued by Mr. Neeson’s Henri Ducard character. I’d love to do some backgrounds and icons of him, but so far, I haven’t been able to find any good pictures. So... if y’alls would be so kind as to post links, or otherwise share some of your favourite pictures of Henri with me, I’d be so happy. Thanks! :)

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